They’re Getting Serious, The Graphic is Now Red… ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 – $69, Save 30%, Last Chance Closeout

The stellar Thermapen Mk4 thermometer boasts a number of outstanding features including – auto rotating display, auto off with intelligent sleep and wake modes, intelligent backlight -standard, 3,000 hour battery life (now uses easy to find AAA batteries!), 3 second read times, accuracy to +- .7 deg F and… Waterproof! to IP66/67 standard.  The Mk4 is the best thermometer I own.  Check out my Hands on Review

Thermoworks has this great tool marked down 30% to $69. This ties the lowest price they’ve ever offered.  Quite surprisingly, this is a closeout sale. That means the Mk4 is going away. Grab a great thermometer, at the best price ever, while you still can.

ThermoWorks has indicated “final call” for this deal. They’re down to one last color and quantities are dwindling. This is a last chance to get an outstanding deal on a great thermometer.

Thermapen Mk4

Mk4 Closeout, via ThermoWorks:

Q: Why are you closing out the Mk4? Isn’t it the world’s best?
A: The Mk4 is in fact widely rated #1 and is the world’s best and fastest cooking thermometer. But something big is coming!
Q: Are there any problems in the Mk4?
A: No. The Mk4 is the world’s best.
Q: Why would I pay for the Mk4 if it is going to be replaced?
A: Because $69 is an amazing price that won’t be repeated. It really is a great, great deal on a thermometer that is the very best value even at full price.
Q: Saving money is great but why would I want the Mk4 if it is going to be obsolete?
A: The Mk4 will NOT be “obsolete”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Mk4. If you buy one on closeout, you’ll get an excellent tool that will last for many years. On January 1 it will not go dead. Its internal software will not expire. It’s AAA battery will be available for decades to come. If you get one, you will be happy with it!
Q: Will there be a Mk5 Thermapen?
A: There will be something new and amazing.
Q: When will you say what is coming?
A: We promise that the announcement is coming soon — before the end of June!
Q: What could you possibly do to improve on the Mk4?
A: The full story is coming very soon. It will be worth it!
Q: Should I take advantage of this price before they’re gone or wait to know what the new product is like?
A: That’s always the dilemma when a new product is approaching. If you want to wait for the announcement before taking advantage of the Mk4 closeout pricing, we believe we will still have stock of the Mk4 when the new product begins shipping. However, we can’t guarantee the availability of any specific closeout colors. The $69 price is anticipated to continue until they are gone. Don’t expect further decreases.
Q: Will the Classic Thermapen continue?
A: It will.
Q: If I want the new product, shouldn’t I wait until it’s been on the market for awhile so all the bugs are worked out?
A: What’s coming is indeed a big advance but we’ve been working on it for nearly six years. The production line is running. Everything has been tested like crazy. This will be our most solid product launch ever. We’ve been making Thermapens for decades. We know a lot about this. I wouldn’t wait.
Q: Can’t you tell me anything about the new product?
A: Yes we absolutely can on the day the announcement is made. It is coming fast.

Hands on Review: ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 Thermometer + Final Call to Get Closeout Deal

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