15 Pack Special… Universal Poppets – 304 Stainless + Food Grade Silicone & Reliable O-Ring Replacements

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Universal Poppets via Valuebrew

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A Valuebrew Exclusive! Stainless Steel Universal Replacement Poppets with our Food Safe Silicone O-Rings.

These work with all standard Ball Lock and Pin Lock homebrew kegs.

Ever wonder what other universal poppet o-rings are made of? Us too, after all this is one of the most high contact o-rings in you draft beer setup. We took matters into our own hands and worked with our suppliers to source a 304 Stainless Steel + Food Grade Silicone option. Stainless steel construction on all the metal parts and premium quality food grade silicone for the o-ring.

Our pledge to you… Let’s face it, the stainless pieces in most universal replacement poppets should last a long, long time. How about the o-rings? Not so much… lost, broken, cracked, off smell. This is where our pledge comes in… we’ll always carry replacement o-rings for these universal poppets. No need to guess what size replacements to buy or completely replace your universal poppets because you don’t have a reliable source for replacements.


I use universal style poppets exclusively when rebuilding kegs. Finding the right OEM specific replacement poppets can be a chore. Beyond finding the right part number, these can be prohibitively expensive. Paying $10 to $14, or more, for an OEM poppet isn’t fun. In fact, if you really had to pay that, it may not even make sense to keep the keg.

I’ve long advocated to tossing OEM o-rings immediately. You don’t know what they’re made of, and you can’t get replacements. Replacing them immediately with a known quality o-ring and known part number before trimming to fit means you’ll be using the right materials and have a source for replacements.  See: Universal Poppet Tips & Tricks

Well… finally there’s an option that comes with quality o-rings made from the right materials out of the box!  Beyond that, Valuebrew has pledged to always carry replacement o-rings, so you’ll always have a source when the time comes for replacements.  Available in 5 and 10 packs with the option to add on a pack of replacement o-rings.

  • Valuebrew has struggled to keep these in stock.
  • They’ve sold out multiple times, sometimes for several weeks at a time.
  • As of this posting, they’re in stock
  • Check product page to see if you can still get in on this shipment.

Universal Poppets < standard page, see below for deal

15 Pack Special…

Valuebrew has always offered 5 and 10 count packs. They are running a limited time 15 pack deal.  These are on sale for $24.49. Coupon code 15pack takes another 10% off.

Limited stock available for this deal, VB says… “Note that we’ve set aside a limited amount of our stock for this promo. When those are gone, they’re gone.”

Note: You must use this link. The 15 pack special doesn’t show on the standard product page or by searching…

Universal Poppets – 15 Pack Deal

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