Ss Brewing Technologies: 1 BBL Brewmaster Conical Fermenters


from Ss Brewing Technologies:

We are pleased to announce the next member of our Chronical family of Fermenters: The Chronical 1 Barrel Brewmaster Edition.  Since launching the Chronical line back in 2013-2014 many of you have written in to ask when we are going to roll up our sleeves and do a full 1 BBL.  Well we heard you!

Our new 1 BBL Chronical has several progressive features often found on pro equipment, such as a dedicated sampling port, all-stainless squeeze trigger butterfly valves, and a large domed lid with 3” lid ferule.  Perfect for dry hoping, CIP operation, and installing our optional blow-off cane.

Furthermore, the chiller coil and neoprene insulating jacket are included with the 1 BBL Chronical, so that even commercial breweries can intermingle the vessel with their existing glycol loops and cellar installations.

Since their launch, we sold our first batch of stock in under 30 days.  Primarily to nano breweries looking to bolt on capacity and full commercial operations looking to pilot batches, but also to home brewers that love to brew large quantities of their favorite recipes!

Lastly, our 1 BBL Chronical includes free shipping, so need to worry about any added costs, or having to work out a delivery schedule with a freight carrier.  They ship standard FedEx ground and home delivery.

We are currently taking pre-orders for our next batch of stock, due to arrive on or around March 21st.  Pre order now to reserve a unit or two from our inventory!

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