Sous Vide Weights to Weigh Down Hop Sacks

Sous Vide Weights

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  • The biggest cause of FOOD RISK in sous vide cooking is undercooked food and floating bags are the biggest cause of undercooked food. Our weights which go inside your sous vide bags REDUCE FOOD RISK by keeping sous vide bags FULLY submerged. ESSENTIAL tool for any sous vide cook.
  • Better solution than a Sous Vide Rack. Our weights work with ANY container, can be used to fit a lot more food bags into your container, easier to store, easier to clean AND CHEAPER.
  • PATENT PENDING design utilizes a dense stainless steel core with a food safe silicone shell that ensure NO impact on food taste. Furthermore, the cylindrical design guarantees the highest possible waterflow around the weight to ensure even cooks every time.
  • Each piece weighs 5oz, or the equivalent to 60x CENT COINS. A single weight is enough for a normal sous vide bag or use multiple for extra large sous vide bags.
  • Sold as a 3 PACK. Each weight is DISHWASHER safe.


Food use appropriate weights are confusingly difficult to find. I’ve reached out to multiple stainless ball bearing manufacturers and had no success in finding one that offers food grade products.

The pictured Sous Vide weights are generally intended for use in sous vide cooking. However, they look like they would work well to weigh down hop sacks.

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    1. admin Post author

      I just stumbled across them recently trying to find something that’s food grade. I just kind of assumed that stainless steel would be okay and was surprised after I asked the question. Anyway, these are a little pricey but seem like a great option.


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