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BrewBuilt­™ Whirlpool Kettle

BrewBuilt­™ Whirlpool Kettle via MoreBeer.  Available in 10, 15, 22, 31 and 50 gallon sizes.

From MoreBeer: Our best-selling BrewBuilt kettles are now available with a welded whirlpool inlet!

Whirlpooling has become more and more popular among the homebrewing community, and with good reason. There are several distinct advantages that any brewer can gain by whirlpooling, including increased hop utilization, improved beer clarity, and faster chill times. Our whirlpool kettles place the coupler inlet 45° offset from the front of the kettle, and about 1/3 of the way up. This allows the kettles to be lined up on a brewstand without the valves interfering. The vertical placement allows for efficient whirlpooling, while still being low enough to allow for half batches and avoid splashing/hot-side-aeration. Although the whirlpool method can be applied by simply stirring your wort with a spoon or mash paddle, pairing a purpose-built whirlpool kettle with a brew pump will vastly increase efficiency and decrease the risk of contamination.

As of this posting MoreBeer has 15 gallon whirlpool kettles on sale for $319.99 and a number of used/refurbished options on sale.

BrewBuilt­™ Whirlpool Kettle at MoreBeer

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