Recent Homebrew, Craft Beer & Winemaking Kindle e-Book Deals

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Looking for great homebrew, craft beer or winemaking related Kindle deal?  These are our most recently featured Kindle Finds.  We track titles on homebrewing, wine making, hard cider, and more.  This list may be blank if we’re not currently tracking anything.  Prices and availability can change quickly.  Check product page for current info – More About Prices

Recent Homebrew and Craft Beer Related Kindle e-Book Finds:

Kindle Edition books can be viewed on your Kindle Device or on free reader applications available for your iPhone, Android or Windows smart phone – and  for your web browser via Amazon’s Cloud Reader.

Filters and Searches to Find Kindle Deals

Periodically, Kindle titles are offered for free.  Those can come and go quickly.

Some people wonder how I find the deals I publish on Homebrew Finds.  One of our greatest resources is… you.  If you’ve come across a great deal… submit a tip!  Of course, I have lots more sources.  Most of it comes down to good ole fashioned… work.  I check a lot of pages, searches and services every single day in an attempt to find the best homebrew and craft beer related deals on the Internet.

One of the pages I regularly check is right here…

Amazon Best Sellers in Beer – Kindle eBooks – Top 100 Free

If you go back one level to Amazon Best Sellers – Alcoholic – Top 100 Free – you’ll see more types of titles including whiskey, mixed drink, wine and more

One caveat with these pages… Although it’s supposed to show just free titles, it often shows titles that are not free.  Often times, it seems those titles have recently been free, but for some reason haven’t been removed from the list yet.

More Homebrew Finds!

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