Reader Tip: Hisense 7.2 Cu Ft Deep Freeze – $109 at Costco

Thanks to HBF Readers Jim and Dustin for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

I’m told that Costco has the Hisense 7.2 cu ft chest freezer, model FC72D6BWE marked down to just $109 through 2/20/17.  Use in conjunction with a temp controller [See: Hands on Inkbird ITC-308 Dual Stage Temp Controller] for a kegerator conversion project or as a for fermentation temperature control.

from Dustin… “Comes with a 3 year warranty. Great price, had to pick one up. And unlike my other 7.X cubic foot freezer, it actually fits 4 ball lock kegs in the deep section (tight fit though). This was on display right at the entrance at my local Costco, but seems to be a nationwide deal.”

Check with your local Costco club for price and availability.

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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One thought on “Reader Tip: Hisense 7.2 Cu Ft Deep Freeze – $109 at Costco

  1. Mike

    Just spotted this beauty at my Costco last night. One is headed home with me tonight.

    The Hisense page says that the temperature is -9 to 48F. Could it be that at the MIN setting it could actually be used as a keezer without adding a temperature controller? I’ll have one ready to go, but if their range is accurate that would be awesome.

    My plan is to put two 5-gallon kegs and a 20# tank in the deep section, plus a 1.75-gallon keg (and later, perhaps, a second) for small/experimental batches in the shallow section. Sounds like there should be no problem. Score!


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