Anova Immersion Circulator – Touch Screen Recirculating Heat Stick

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker/Immersion Circulator (Black)

The Anova Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator is a touch screen heat stick with an integrated recirculation pump.  Set your desired temperature on the touch screen.  The Anova heats as necessary and has a circulation pump to ensure that temperatures are uniform.  Adjustable clamp and Stainless Steel Skirt.

Possible brewing uses could include: getting and keeping strike water at temp, direct use (with a filter bag in a mash tun or BIAB mash), maintaining temperature for sour mashes and getting to a boil more quickly (or helping to maintain a boil) for both all grain and extract batches.

I have a different model from Anova, the Anova One.  Check out my My Post on the Anova One.  Anova also has an article on their website about brewing with the Anova One.  Note that both of those articles reference a different unit.

Anova Culinary A2.2-120V-US Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth, Immersion Circulator, 800 Watts, Black

3 thoughts on “Anova Immersion Circulator – Touch Screen Recirculating Heat Stick

  1. Bret

    Have you or anyone you’re aware of actually tried BIAB with this? I bought the Chefsteps Joule (won’t ship until May) for cooking but want to try using it for small batch BiAB. I assume you would need still need a pump to get minimal efficiency?

  2. brad

    This one’s only 800w vs the 1000w in the Anova One. Not sure if that drop would create a significantly longer sparge water heating time but something to think about before going with the latest & greatest.


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