Rare Deal on The Brew Bag… Buy a BIAB Brew Bag, Get Free Pair of Brewing Gloves + Hands on Review

The Brew Bag is a high quality purpose designed Brew in a Bag/BIAB bag.


My Review of the Brew Bag

It has four loops for lifting the bag out of your kettle, every seam is reinforced for long life and it is available in a number of sizes for kettles, keggles, coolers and more.  If they don’t carry the size you want, The Brew Bag will custom make it for you.

I use The Brew Bag myself and it’s an outstanding BIAB bag that works great and keeps on working. Check out my Hands on Review.

brewinabag.com also carries hop bags, stubby (biab friendly) kettle thermometers, pulley systems and high temp gloves.

The Brew Bag is throwing in a free pair of high temp brewing gloves when you buy any bag.   Use coupon code FREEGLOVES21 to get the deal.

These days, the Brew Bag very rarely does deals.  If you’ve been looking for a deal, here’s your chance.

Free Gloves from Brew In a Bag

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