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Ss BrewTech – 14 Gallon Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket Fermenter via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Brew Bucket Brewmaster Edition Fermenter – 14 Gallon

All the greatness of the Brew Bucket with even more amazing features for homebrewers!

The Brewmaster Edition brings fermentation stacking, a rotatable racking arm and ball valve spigot, and more to the already impressive specifications of the Brew Bucket. The new stackable design allows you to place fermenters on top each other while actively fermenting. This design allows you to place your second (or third!) fermenter without upsetting your airlock. The brand new integrated racking arm rotates easily during racking as well as makes cleaning the conical bottom a breeze. The lid is hole is perfectly match for easy use with a 1/2″ blow off tube and features a 3/8″ ball valve with included hose barb. The interior features etched (not painted on) markings on the inside to easily ready volume. 304 stainless steel construction, integrated racking arm, ball valve assembly, stackable design, conical bottom, LCD temperature gauge with silicone housing all in one amazing fermenter!

-14 Gallon Maximum Capacity
-304 Stainless Steel Construction (easy to clean!)
-Lid with 17mm Hole and Stopper (will fit 1/2″ blow off tubing)
-Conical Bottom
-Integrated Rotating Racking Arm and Ball Vale Assembly
-Stackable During Fermentation
-Etched Interior Gallon Markings
-LCD Temperature Gauge with Silicone Housing
-Carrying Handles

-Height – 24″
-Width – 16″
-Weight ~ 22 lbs


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Ss BrewTech – 14 Gallon Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket Fermenter

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