Ranco ETC 111000 Digital Temp Controller – $67.98 w/Stacking Deals

Ranco ETC 111000 Refrigerator / Freezer Thermostat (Digital Temperature Controller) Wired

Ranco ETC 111000 Refrigerator / Freezer Thermostat (Digital Temperature Controller) Wired via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Description for Ranco ETC-111000

Unlike many electronic controls, the ETC is simple to install and set up. One finger is all you need to program it. The standard digital display and keypad allow the user to adjust the temperature settings with 1 degree resolution. Setpoint temperature, differential and mode of operation (heating or cooling) can all be selected using the keypad and display.
When not in the programming mode, the display gives a constant readout of the sensor temperature. Annunciators on the liquid crystal display also indicate when the relay is energized.

Remote Temperature Sensing
The ETC is capable of remote temperature sensing up to 400 feet away from the control when using standard 22 gauge sensor wire.

Built-In Safety
Every ETC model is equipped with diagnostic programs that check for hardware, software, or system problems and display different error codes to indicate where the trouble is.
The ETC also has a keyword lockout switch to prevent tampering with the control settings by unauthorized personnel. The switch, which is located inside the enclosure, can be used to disable the keypad function.

Temperature Setpoint Range: -30° to 220°F
Differential Range: 1 to 30 Degrees F
Input Power Requirements: 120/208/240 VAC
Sensor: Thermistor, 2″ long x 1/4″ Diameter, with 8′ cable
Control Ambient Temperatures: Operating (20-140), Storage (40-176)
Ambient Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Enclosure: NEMA 1
Dimensions: 6.52″ high x 2.7″ wide x 2.48″ deep
Agency Approvals: UL Listed, CSA Certified
Switch Action: SPDT
This device comes wired.


Ranco ETC 111000 Refrigerator / Freezer Thermostat (Digital Temperature Controller) Wired – remember promo code BACK2BREW

Why would you choose this over something like the Inkbird Dual Stage Temp Controller?  The Ranco is generally more expensive and offers fewer features when compared to the ITC-308.  In my opinion, the advantage that the Ranco does have is ruggedness.  These are built for commercial applications.  This question in my mind is… do you need a rugged commercial quality unit?  If yes, then this is a controller you may want to look at.

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