pH Meter & TDS Meter Combo

Molop Digital PH Meter TDS Meter, Water Quality Tester, Auto Calibration

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  • Ease of Use:TDS meter will lock the measure result when you press the “HOLD”button and automatically turn off after several minutes of non-use. PH meter has auto calibration function and you can quickly get readout
  • Accurate and Reliable: PH resolution is 0.01pH,accuracy ±0.01pH.TDS meter rangs 0~9999ppm,Conductivity 0~9999 us/cm,accuracy ±2%. TDS 0~9999ppm
  • Lasted Design:The TDS meter and PH meter are portable to carry to anywhere. with the handhold size, you can read it easily while use them
  • Wide Range Application: Extensive use in many places, such as swimming pools,drinking water, aquariums; Very good for water filters, food and drink quality monitoring
  • Package Includes: Comes with PH meter x 1, TDS EC temperature meter x 1, carrying case x 2, buffer powder x 3


Use the pH meter to check the pH of your water, mash, [test Star San effectiveness] and finished beer.  The TDS meter could come in handy for checking your RO filter [See: Review – Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System] or for checking purchased distilled or RO water.  Some water processors add minerals back for flavor.  A TDS meter will allow you to make sure you’re getting what you want.

Molop Digital PH Meter TDS Meter, Water Quality Tester, Auto Calibration, Ideal kit Aquarium, Swimming Pool, Drinking Water

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