Nostalgia CBG64 HomeCraft Beer Growler – Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growler, Faucet and Regulator

Nostalgia CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • 2 liter (64 oz.) capacity
  • Quick-connect regulator attaches and releases easily while maintaining consistent carbonation (0-60 PSI)
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Includes three threaded 16g CO2 Cartridges and is compatible with food grade 16g threaded CO2 or N2O cartridges
  • Food grade stainless steel is light weight and very durable
  • Double wall vacuum insulated growler ensures beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours
  • Stores in refrigerator to keep cold and ready to dispense

Nostalgia CBG64 Homecraft Beer Growler

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One thought on “Nostalgia CBG64 HomeCraft Beer Growler – Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growler, Faucet and Regulator

  1. Jason Unterman

    I do not recommend this product. I was given this growler as a gift and it never worked. In fact, it worked worse than a regular growler because there was a leak in the top, so when I went to drink it, it was completely flat. I emailed support and they were very nice. They sent me a whole top. The only issue was that the same exact issue happened.

    Instead of wasting a whole co2 cartridge every time I wanted to test it, I used my co2 tank/regulator from my kegerator, so i can easily just turn it off. I had my regulator set to 15 PSI. When I mentioned this to them, they said that I broke it by saying that since I went over 5-6 PSI, which is their recommended serving pressure and that I should only use the connection they gave.

    I looked at their website and Amazon, and both say that it goes up to 30 PSI. Also, the regulator that they sell with it goes up to 30 PSI. So, this was clearly not true and they were trying to blame me, instead of their defective product. As for their issue with me using my own connections, I asked them if they had a custom post/connection that looked identical to the standard ball lock post/connection but was slightly different that would cause this issue. The only response I got back from them was the same that the max PSI should be 5-6 and would not help me any further.

    In the end, I am stuck with a growler that doesn’t hold any pressure (aka a new flower vase for my wife). If you are looking to buy a pressurized growler, I would recommend the Mancan. I do not work for them or affiliated with them at all, but bought one and love it. I did have an issue with their regulator, but when I emailed them, they sent me 2 different regulators from 2 different batches and were extremely friendly.


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