More Beer: New! Mead Making Ingredient Kits

New! Honey
We’ve added the famous Tupelo Honey and sourced an amazing new Orange Blossom Honey born in California Orange Groves. We tasted more than 25 unique direct from the apiary honeys and these were our top picks.
Look for more types soon.

New! Mead Kits
We added 8 new Mead or Melomel (Mead made with fruit) Kits.
These come with our new two page step-by-step directions.

A New! Comprehensive, Free Mead Making Guide!
For those who want to dive in a bit deeper, our own minister of information Shea Comfort spent 3 months researching and writing a comprehensive 10 page MoreManual! on Mead Making. This was something we wanted to do for years, specifically to properly highlight yeast nutrition and the use of potassium carbonate to raise pH levels. When both nutrition and pH are properly adjusted a Mead can ferment in 3 weeks instead of 3-6 months.
Shea’s nickname is the “Yeast Whisper” and you will see why.

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