Lambic (Classic Beer Style Series) Kindle Edition

Lambic (Classic Beer Style Series) Kindle Edition by Jean-Xavier Guinard is part of the Classic Beer Style Series of books.  This title may also be available in print.

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After studying this unusual, fruity beer style extensively in Belgium and at the University of California-Davis Department of Fermemtation Studies, Jean-Xavier Guinard presents his findings with detail and historical intrigue.


This book was originally released in 1990 as part of the Classic Beer Styles Series.  That series devotes an entire book to a single beer style and covers many beer styles.  For whatever reason this specific title went out of print.  Just this title, the rest, or most at least most of the rest of series, remained in print.  This led to some very interesting pricing.  Some sellers had stocks of brand new books.  Supply and demand took hold and it wasn’t uncommon to see this title sell for $100 or $200 or even more for a new copy.  Used copies were, and generally are, available for less, but generally very expensive, at least in my opinion.  Finally, in 2016, this title was released on the Kindle platform and now, generally sells for what I would call a reasonable price.  Get the current price below.

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Lambic (Classic Beer Style Series Book 3)

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