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KegLand Bucket Blaster

KegLand Bucket Blaster via William’s Brewing

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The KegLand Bucket Blaster will clean kegs, carboys, and fermenters with a steady stream of cleanser or sanitizer while you are free to do other things. Just set up the 3 1/2 bucket basin and fill with your sanitizer or cleanser solution, set a keg or carboy over the jet, and plug in to let the pump continuously rinse. Includes gas and beer ball lock disconnects with tubing so you can hook up a keg and have it continuously rinsed.

For safety, always plug into a GFCI plug. We recommend the use of Brewer’s Edge, PBW, or Saniclean cleansers in this unit, as Star San will foam excessively.


KegLand Bucket Blaster

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