Kegco 7 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy Fermenter + Carrying Straps – $46.45 + free shipping

Kegco 7 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy Fermenter Homebrew Beer & Wine Making

Kegco 7 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy Fermenter

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  • 7 gallon capacity can brew up to a 6 gallon batch of beer (6 gallon to top line before bottle curves)
  • Plastic lid provides an airtight seal but has a removable cap that can be replaced with an airlock to release pressure during fermentation
  • Smooth glass surface does not scratch easily, making it less likely to harbor bacteria or odors
  • The wide opening allows you to reach inside the jar which makes for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Strong nylon straps allow you to safely move the carboy from place to place

This Kegco 7 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy is the ideal fermentation vessel, allowing you to brew up to 6 gallons without having to worry about the kraeusen clogging up your airlock on big beers. It features a wide mouth design that makes it easy to reach inside of the jar to add or remove ingredients and to clean every inch of the interior. Because the smooth glass surface does not scratch easily, these jars are easy to sanitize and will not harbor bad odors or flavors. They do not break down like plastic carboys and buckets, and will provide decades of superior performance if handled with care. The plastic lid features a silicone seal that creates an airtight seal on the jar, and you can install an airlock in the recessed area of the lid to release gasses during fermentation. When you install the included breather cap and fill the recessed area with sanitizer, gas will bubble out without allowing oxygen or other contaminants in. This carboy comes with nylon strap handles that helps take the hassle out of transportation.


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Kegco 7 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy Fermenter Homebrew Beer & Wine Making

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