Keg Connection Says… These are the best kegs we’ve ever seen

Premium Refurbished AEB 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg, Rubber Handle

From Keg Connection…

These premium refurbished homebrew kegs are more recently produced than most used kegs and they’re in fantastic condition. Lightly used in the coffee industry, we’ve also taken the time to de-sticker and scrape these kegs making them closely resemble new kegs. Obviously, they’ll still some minor dents and possibly small dings as they are used – however, we’re confident that you’ll agree these are some of the best used kegs seen in recent years.

They have pre-installed new o-rings on them to eliminate any residual coffee scents and they’ve gone thru our rigorous quality assurance check which includes a thorough cleaning, pressure testing, and carefully packed shipping to ensure you receive a keg you’ll be fully satisfied with.

From HBF…

Normally I don’t really buy into the highly refurbished sort of a keg offerings because, you can buy a dirty keg and easily rebuild it yourself and save money.

However… these are AEB kegs. AEB makes some of the quality kegs on the market. See my Hands on Review to learn more.

The fact is… the era of cheap and readily available used homebrew kegs is… done. I could give you a bunch of reasoning behind that opinion including one of the best sources for used kegs… de-listing used kegs, but I’ve got a regularly updated article on the topic you can check out.

It also sounds like these kegs are in outstanding shape. So considering the sale price of $89.95 and flat rate shipping, I think this is a great deal.

Premium Refurbished AEB 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg, Rubber Handle

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Your entire order, no matter the size, will ship for a flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US.

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