IRIS Airtight Storage Container, 47 Quarts w/casters [~58 lbs+ Grain Storage]

IRIS Airtight Storage Container.  Translucent body means you can see what’s inside.  BPA free material.  Lid features airtight seals.  Casters so you can move as needed.

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  • FOOD FOR ALL: For your cats, dogs, birds, and more! Store your cute family member's dry foods in our sealable and portable pet food container. Our 47-quart food storage containers are great for storing about 35 pounds of dry food (the capacity will depend on what kind of pet food you store).
  • AIRTIGHT CONTAINER: Don't let unwanted pests and rodents eat your pet food. The airtight seals with snap-lock latches make them rodent proof storage containers. Lock in the freshness of the dry food and delicious treats by sealing away moisture and humidity. Slim plastic container design is space saving and keep your food storage area neat and organized.
  • ROLL IT AROUND: The storage bins come with attachable casters, so you have the option to have them off or on. Store it on a shelf or attach the wheel to roll it from the storage area to your dog or cat bowl.
  • DIFFERENT SIZES: Check out the different size containers to store your cute friend's kibble, pellets, seeds, and treats. Made in USA and BPA free. This product's dimensions: 18.13"L x 10.63"W x 23.44"H (without casters: 21.88"H).


As of this posting, this is showing a stated capacity of 47 quarts.  47 quarts = 11.75 gallons.  My rule of thumb for grain storage for unmiled malt is 5 lbs per gallon.  At that rate this would hold about 58.75 lbs of grain.  That’s a rough estimate, actual storage capacity will vary.

IRIS 47 quart Airtight Pet Food Container, Navy/Pearl – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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