Introducing: Pump and Chiller Stand from Keggle Brewing!

Pump and chiller stand

Pump and chiller stand via Keggle Brewing

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Being a home brewer myself, I was tired of trying find a place where I could set my Chugger pump and KB chiller and connect them together needing too many hoses that end up being in the way.  So, I designed a pump and chiller stand.  The stand is made of 1″ aluminum square tubing professionally tig welded together.  The base plate is 13” x 6” quarter inch aluminum plate with ½” rubber bumpers on the bottom side to create a very stable, safe structure.  The chiller is mounted to the stand using a 3” flat U-bolt with plastic covers to protect both you and the threads you with a one inch clearance to the base.  The U-bolt is included with the stand and different sizes are available depending on your chiller.  The stand is designed for a Chugger pump to be mounted five inches from the carry handle to leave plenty of room for your hand.  However, this stand can easily be modified to accommodate any other brand pump.  This will be one of the best equipment additions you will ever purchase.

All stands are MADE IN USA.

This is available in two versions.  Stand only and stand+chiller and pump.  The description makes it clear that this works with a number of pump models and brands.  It also work with a number of plate chillers, like shirron chillers.  Anything that is 3″ tall or less.

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