Introducing PLAATO Keg – Keg Management System!

plaato keg management system

PLAATO Keg – Keg Management System

PLAATO Keg is the first all-in-one system that keeps a track of what’s happening with your kegs so you can better manage your draft system. Check in on how much beer is left in each keg, get real time measurements of every pour, and receive push notifications if Plaato Keg detects something out of sorts.

PLAATO Keg uses three synchronized, high-quality load-cells that measures the keg-weight every 0.1 second, sending real-time data of your kegs directly to your smartphone using WiFi. Made from impact resistant polycarbonate body, which can withstand even the roughest environments.

  • WiFi Connectivity
  • iOS & Android app
  • Measure the level of beer inside the tank and real time pouring status

Know How Much You Have
The new Plaato Keg knows exactly how much beer is left in all of your kegs. Highly accurate load-cells keep track of the good stuff, and yes, the beer’s gravity is accounted for in the calculations.

Built-in Leak Detection
Get notification in the app if liquid is detected. Plaato Keg is internet-connected, so you will get the notification wherever you are.

CO2 Mode
Enable CO2-mode in the Plaato-app, and turn one of your keg devices into your CO2 tank monitor, checking the remaining level of gas in real-time. Use it to have control over the remaining level of CO2 to make sure you have enough for the upcoming brew day, or use it to detect a CO2-leak from your system.

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