Introducing: KegLand Series X Plus Kegerator – Holds 8 Kegs!

KegLand Series X Plus Kegerator

KegLand Series X Plus Kegerator

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Free Curbside Truck Delivery to the lower 48 states!
• Wide 26° to 82° F Range
• Holds up to eight Cornelius style homebrew kegs (8½” diameter)
• Holds up to six 1/6 Barrel Commercial Sankey Kegs (9 3/16″ diameter)
• Latest Nukatap Faucets with all tower options
• Easy to connect Duotight fittings included with all towers
• Tower Cooling Fan with front panel switch cools one or two towers
• Removable Drip Trays for Easy Cleaning
• Approved For Indoor Commercial Use
• One Year Warranty (and we stock all vital spare parts in case you need them after the warranty period)

Cold does not rise. You will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy, followed by colder pours once you have dispensed a beer or two. At home this is a real problem, unless you pour beers in quick succession. This is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel.

The beauty of the KegLand Series X Plus is the extended range thermostat included. Unlike kegerators with standard 30° to 50° temperature ranges, the Series X can be adjusted easily with the front panel digital display from 26° to 82° F (ambient temperature permitting), which means you can also use your kegerator as a fermentation chamber for ales in summer, a small refrigerator for food items, or even a wine cellar. Keep in mind the unit only cools, and does not heat, and a temperature of say 65 degrees F. is only possible if the temperature outside the kegerator is 65 degrees or warmer.

The drip trays rests on top of the unit, and can be removed for easy cleaning. This simple two piece design cleans up quick in your sink, and eliminates the need to clean a sticky drip tray on the unit.

Included with all models are a a C02 bottle mounting bracket, and integral tower cooling fan. You will need to provide a flat bottom 5 pound C02 cylinder (available at welding supply stores and fire extingisher service firms). You select the beer tower/faucet option that is right for you, and a free KegLand MK4 Dual Gauge Regulator is included.

Setup is easy with Duotight connections included for everything from the faucet shanks to the included regulator. These make it easy to connect and disconnect gas and beer lines, and eliminate the need for hose clamps. As noted below, you will need additional parts depending on how many faucets you get, and if you want to dispense home brew or a commercial keg.

Important Installation Note: Series X Plus kegerators need 5″ of clearance on both sides and the back of the unit when installing so they do not overheat. This model cannot be installed flush into a countertop with no side clearance like a dishwasher. The side walls have radiators inside that dissipate heat, and they cannot be blocked. These are designed for indoor use, and a maximum ambient temperature of 85° F. or less.

Needed but not included for each ball lock home brew keg supplied faucet in your tower:
1 G49 DuoTight Gas Ball Lock
1 G50 DuoTight Beer Ball Lock

For example, if you buy a Triple Tower and plan on dispensing three ball lock kegs, you will need:
3 G49 DuoTight Gas Ball Locks
3 G50 DuoTight Beer Ball Locks

And if you buy a Triple Tower for the left tower and a Quad Tower for the right tower and plan on dispensing 7 ball lock kegs, you will need:

7 G49 DuoTight Gas Ball Locks
7 G50 DuoTight Beer Ball Locks

Needed but not included for each Sankey commercial beer keg supplied faucet in your tower:
1 C34 Stainless Sankey Coupler with relief valve

For example, if you buy a single Double Faucet Tower and plan on dispensing two commercial kegs, you will need:
2 C34 Sankey Couplers

And if you buy a Double Faucet Tower for your left tower and a Double Faucet Tower for your right tower and plan to dispense two commercial kegs and two ball lock home brew kegs you will need:

2 G49 DuoTight Gas Ball Locks
2 G50 DuoTight Beer Ball Locks

2 C34 Sankey Couplers
Outside Dimensions:
35½” wide
28″ deep, 35″ with C02 Bottle Mounted on back
36″ tall (with caster wheels but no drip tray, tower, or chrome guard rail)
52″ tall with caster wheels and tower

Internal Dimensions:
31.5″ wide
17″ deep
28.25″ tall

Power Consumption:
.09 Amps

The Kegs Below Will Fit Inside

5 Gallon 8½” diameter Ball Lock or Pin Lock Cornelius Keg – 8 ( or 4 Ball Lock and one 1/6 barrel Sankey keg)
2.5 Gallon 8½” diameter Cornelius Keg – 8
5 Gallon 9¼” diameter Cornelius Ball or Pin Lock Keg – 6

Commercial Kegs:
5.16 Gallon Sixth Barrel – 6
7¾ Gallon any type – 2
15½ Gallon – 2

Note: The All Rounder Fermzilla will fit, although the 27 Liter Fermzilla with valve is too tall to fit.


KegLand Series X Plus Kegerator

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