20% Off a Single Item at Adventures in Homebrewing + a Search to Help

20% Off at Adventures in Homebrewing! – use coupon code FALL20

A Search to Help… The sale pages allows you to sort by best selling. That’s great because you can see what other people are buying the most of. The down side is that smaller items can sell a lot and make the results unhelpful. For example, when you buy 2 row, you may buy 20 lbs. That counts as 20 items and makes 2 row show up high in the list. To illustrate that, the current top selling thing is an ice pack for yeast. Lots of yeast gets sold and lots of ice packs.

This search eliminates items that cost less than $60 AND sorts by best selling. The results are much more helpful.

Double Dip... The promo applies to the most expensive qualifying item on each order. There is no “per customer” limit that I’m seeing. That means you can place multiple orders and get in on these deal more than once.

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