Heavy Duty GFCI 3 ft Drop Cord

Heavy Duty GFCI 3 ft Drop Cord

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  • ⭐A Safe Choice – Provide electric shock protection and prevent the risks of electrical fire caused by ground fault. Also, this 3ft extension cord is yellow in color for high visibility, and features a grounded outlet for additional safety.
  • ⭐Manual Rest – Manual reset cord sets will NOT automatically reset on when plugged in or when power is restored after a power interruption until reset button is actuated.
  • ⭐Wide Application– Works with any tool and has 3-prong plug so it can also correctly accept two-wire polarized plugs used on double insulated tools.
  • ⭐Water Resistant – This extension cord with three outlets has a vinyl jacket that resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, great for gardening, landscaping, Christmas lights, holiday displays or powering any household appliance.
  • ⭐UL Certificated – Increase the safety of your electrical system by using this UL listed AIDA in-line GFCI. Backed 30-days free return & free lifetime technical online support within 24 hours.


15 Amp 125V 5-15P 3ft 14 Gauge OEM Manual Reset in line Portable GFCI Plug SJTW 14AWG×3 Heavy Duty Grounded Waterproof Extension Cord Outdoor Indoor Travel Christmas Holiday Decora Display 010631 – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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