GrogTag: Keg and Carboy Labels + 10% Off Site Wide

from GrogTag:

Are people stealing your kegs?  Do you have members of your homebrew club sneaking into your garage at night, relieving you of the burden of having those shiny cylinders of stainless? Put an end to keg thieves with our super-smart Keg Labels!  100% of homebrewers we know that used to have problems like these have successfully prevented keg theft with these great labels.

Ok so we don’t really know anyone who has gotten their kegs stolen, but if we did, we are sure that these Keg/Carboy Labels would make shifty people think twice about taking them.  Apply one of our permanent labels to your keg and always be able to tell your keg apart from the others.  Plus, the label has lots of space for writing notes on the beer that’s inside your keg, which is handy. coupon

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