Digital Milligram Scale – 50 grams x .001 grams! + Calibration Weight, Case & Accessories – Weigh Water Salts & Hops

Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale 50/0.001g, Mg Scale with 20g Cal Weight, Micro Scale, Powder Scale for Powder Medicine, Reloading

Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale 50g/ 0.001g Scale

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  • High Precision Scale: This mg scale can weigh up to 50 gram with increments readability: 0.001g/1mg, Minimum: 0.005g. Based on a high precision sensor system, this scale can instantly provide an accurate reading for tiny project like powder medicine.
  • You Got All Necessary Accessories: 6 pcs accessories packaged with the powder scale. 1×20g calibration weight, 1×powder pan, 1×scoop, 1×tweezer, 2×AAA batteries and 1 small spoon at the bottom of the scale(push it). Great for weighing jewelry, gem, gunpowder reloading, powder medicine.
  • Smart Functions: This gram scale has a smart design. TARE for easily get a net weight from containers, PCS for items counting, 180s Auto-off function(adjustable). Intelligent indication for low battery power, overload and unstable placed.
  • 6 Modes & LCD Display: If you ask whether can this scale weigh in grams, grains or mg, the answer is yes. And it has 6 different weigh modes total: g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt. It would be great as a jewelry scale, powder scale, reloading scale. The LCD screen with backlit clearly displays the reading even in dark.
  • 10 YEARS WARRANTY: Fuzion is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction! We offer lifetime support to our customers. Service team are always glad to help with all your questions or concerns.


Tare Function: Tare allows you to subtract the weight of the container you’re using to get a true weight of the contents.  Add your empty container to the scale and press the tare button.  This zeros out the scale.  Now add the thing you’re weighing and the scale displays just the weight of the contents of your container.  In my opinion the tare function is essential for any good homebrewing scale.

With resolution down to the thousandth of a gram, this would be a candidate for use with both hops and water salts.

Typically as resolution/accuracy go up, capacity goes down. From what I generally see the 50 gram (1.76 ounces) capacity is a relatively high considering that this has milligram resolution.

Fuzion Digital Milligram Scale 50/0.001g, Mg Scale with 20g Cal Weight, Micro Scale, Powder Scale for Powder Medicine, Reloading – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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