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CM Becker In Line Flow Control Compensator via MoreBeer.

When you put a beer on tap the carbonation level is a function of temperature and CO2 pressure.  In a nutshell… higher carbonation levels (or temperatures) require higher CO2 pressures.  See: Balancing Your Draft System for more info.

Higher CO2 pressures need to be offset with appropriate resistance.  A Hefeweizen at 20 PSI isn’t going to serve well with your typical 5′ of beer line.  You need to add stuff to produce resistance so that when you’re beer hits the air it’s not speeding like a rocket ship toward your glass.  Many times that’s done by increasing tubing lengths.  That can work but does have some down sides.  Chief among those, at least to me, is you can end up having a good amount of beer sitting in those lines.  Temperatures are usually higher toward the top of your kegerator [See: Kegerator Beer Line Temperatures & Reducing Foam with a Recirculating Fan], so that means your first pint is still going to be foamy.  This also results in some guesswork and requires that you swap tubing out when you change carbonation levels.

This allows you to restrict flow to reduce foam without the need for additional tubing or a specific faucet.  You use the provided Allen wrench to adjust resistance.  This means no adding additional tubing on a beer beer or carbonation level basis.  Easy to disassemble for cleaning

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Add the perfect amount of restriction to any beer line to reduce foam. Eliminates the need for flow control in the faucet itself. Great for use in Jockey Boxes or anywhere you are serving beverages with varying levels of carbonation.

If you are currently using a long length of tubing to increase restriction you can now shorten your tubing. A shorter line holds less beer. Beer that is stored in the line tends to warm up quicker, adding to foaming issues, and is more likely to stale from bacteria present in the line.

  • Adjust flow with an included Allen wrench (keeps unauthorized people from adjusting the unit)
  • Eliminate foam from beer or slow down / speed up other beverages
  • Fix systems with issues without having to replace lines or faucets
  • Take the guesswork out of line restriction.  You can use shorter lines and still have perfect restriction.  You can also use larger ID lines and adjust as necessary.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning, clear body for easy monitoring
  • Made in Germany by CM Becker from Food grade plastic and stainless steel parts!
  • Comes Equipped with 2 x 3/16″ Barbs
  • Easy to install to any existing beer line (cut line and install two clamps)


CM Becker In Line Flow Control Compensator D1235$49.99 $39.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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