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Introducing: “Fast Prime” from Northern Brewer

From Northern Brewer: “WHY SPEND TIME MEASURING SUGAR, adding it to water, boiling it, and then cooling it before adding it to your beer, when you could just pop and pour a can of Fast Prime? Our ready-to-use priming sugar solution will save you time and frustration on bottling day and just one can will help you reach the perfect level of carbonation for 5 gallons of beer (to 2.5 volumes of CO2). Just like our tried and true Fast Pitch, Fast Prime is a can of time-saving solution made for all levels of homebrewers.”

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Announcing: Blue Collar Coffee Stout from Northern Brewer

From Northern Brewer: “We’re not only excited about bringing you a new beer kit, but also to announce our new partnership with Bootstrap Coffee Roasters. As fellow brewers, we strive for the utmost quality in our goods, source the finest ingredients from around the world, and even share our roots in St. Paul, MN. You could say we have a lot of common grounds.”

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