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RECONDITIONED Ball Lock Kegs – $47.45 for HBF Readers w/Stacking Deals

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Reconditioned 5 gallon kegs from Keg Connection.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

These are re-conditioned 5 gallon ball lock soda kegs. They are sometimes called “corny kegs” because of the manufacturer, Cornelius, but they can be made by several manufactures including Firestone, AEB, and others. These kegs have been cleaned and pressure tested using the following process:

  • Rinsed out with water on the inside and sprayed on the outside.
  • Soaked in a hot “Brew Clean” solution for about an hour with poppet valves depressed to fill dip tubes with cleaning solution. Then re-rinsed.
    The keg is then pressurized and soap tested for leaks, then left for several days and re-tested for pressure before shipping.
  • If you keg has a “sweet” smell when you open it this is normal. This smell comes from the residual “Brew Clean” cleaner, NOT from soda. Just rinse the keg and sanitize again before kegging.
  • These kegs ship under our flat rate shipping (some of our competitors exclude kegs from free or reduced flat rate shipping programs).
  • These kegs come with their original O-rings AND a new set of O-rings at no additional charge (some competitors charge up to $3.99 for this new set of O-rings) This O-ring set includes Lid O-ring, two post O-rings and two dip-tube O-rings.


  • These reconditioned kegs are on sale for $49.95.
  • HBF Readers Save More!  HBF5OFF takes an additional 5% off. 
  • That stacks making these RECONDITIONED ball lock kegs $47.45.

Cornelius Keg “or Firestone”, 5 Gallon, Ball Lock – Pepsi Style for Homebrew/Soda

While you’re at it… Hard to Find Food Safe Replacement Keg O-RingsMore Info

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  • Shipping is a flat fee no matter how much you buy site-wide to addresses in the contiguous US.
  • Maximize Flat Rate Shipping: Since shipping is flat rate, grab a keg, some ingredients, a recipe kit or something else it will all ship for that same flat rate.

More: Recent Great Deals

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. prod:kcrbbl

Rebuilding & Reconditioning Homebrew Kegs

rebuild homebrew kegs

This post will walk you through rebuilding your homebrew keg, step by step.  From de-labeling to cleaning to replacing warn out parts.

What Does Reconditioned/Rebuilt Mean?

The short answer is probably… nothing.  I think reconditioned/rebuilt/refurbished are basically synonyms and there is no standard definition for any of these terms.

Here are the different definitions I’ve seen from different retailers via their offerings:

  • The keg is untouched, but is in okay shape and holds pressure.  In this case, reconditioned means… the keg works.
  • The keg has had been tested and had faulty parts replaced.  In this case, reconditioned means, we did the minimum to get the keg working.
  • All o-rings have been replaced and any faulty parts have been replaced.  In this case, reconditioned means… reconditioned.
  • All o-rings have been replaced and any faulty parts have been replaced and the keg has been cleaned.  In this case reconditioned means reconditioned and cleaned.

Examples of Keg Conditions from MoreBeer

The takeaway is that it’s important to read descriptions when it comes to reconditioned/rebuilt/refurbished kegs.  The post walks through a complete rebuild process.

Limited Time Keg Deals!

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Make Your Kegs Shine with Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend is my go-to for deep cleaning stainless, kegs, kettles and such.

If your kegs are dirty, scuffed or have leftover adhesive, a thorough scrub with Bar Keepers Friend may be in order. Just use a scrubby pad or scrubby sponge along with some Bar Keepers Friend and go to work. I recommend using protective gloves.

Search Amazon for “Barkeepers Friend Cleanser” to shop around for available options

This write-up is part of my post on rebuilding kegsJump To This Section – If you look through the post you’ll see just how good the keg looks at the end.

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Adventures in Homebrewing Keg Sale + Stacking Free Gift Card Deal ENDS SOON

Adventures in Homebrewing has a keg sale going on right now.  Some great deals can be had.

Free Gift Card!  As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing is giving away a free $20 gift card, with every single purchase of $100 or moreEVERYTHING QUALIFIES.  The one exception is gift cards.  Promotional gift card will be automatically added to your cart.

This stacks with all AIH keg deals below, including new kegs which are often times excluded from additional stacking deals.

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Hands On Review: Brand New Kegs from Adventures in Homebrewing + Rare, Limited Time Deal

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Hands on Review AIH’s Brand New Ball Lock Kegs

Adventures in Homebrewing produces a line of brand new ball lock kegs.  These are AIH’s own design and usually have an “Old Ale Supply Company” stamp.  These are available in a number of sizes and are, generally speaking, a great deal.

Limited Time Deal

  • This kegs are marked EDLP.  That means every day low price and it also means that they are excluded from most promos.  Here’s an exception…
  • Free Gift Card!  As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing is giving away a free $20 gift card, with every single purchase of $100 or moreEVERYTHING QUALIFIES.  The one exception is gift cards.  Promotional gift card will be automatically added to your cart.
  • Buy your choice of two kegs and you’ll qualify for the free gift card.
  • Free Shipping!  All but the smallest of these kegs usually incur additional shipping charges. For a limited time, shipping on all sizes is also free to addresses in the contiguous US!

Check Current Pricing and Availability, Review Continues Below:

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Hands on Review: Torpedo 10 Gallon Ball Lock Homebrew Kegs + Five Benefits of Using Kegs as Fermenters!

Larger 10 and 15 gallon homebrew kegs have been very hard to find… for years.  There have been a couple sources, eBay was a best bet, but that was touch and go at best.  When you could find one, prices were… outrageous.  $300++ for a used 10 gallon keg would not be uncommon.  Again, that’s IF you could find one.

Great news homebrewers…. MoreBeer has introduced 10 and 15 gallon homebrew ball lock kegs via their Torpedo line of kegs and accessories.  These are BRAND NEW kegs that are (hopefully) readily available at a reasonable price.

Why a larger 10 or 15 gallon homebrew keg?

The first and most obvious answer is for large batch brewers.  If you brew 10 or 15 gallon batches, it sure would be nice to have a keg that fits your entire batch.  Even if you don’t brew 10 gallons, you may want to brew a couple 5 gallon batches of the same beer (much like professional brewers do) and keg it in a single keg.

A less obvious answer to the question is… to use as a fermenter.  Kegs are well-built stainless steel vessels that are pressure capable.  You can easily move them around and they are built to be bumped around a bit.  Using a keg opens up some really interesting possibilities…. fermenting under pressure with a Spunding Valve [See: Build a Spunding Valve! – How and Why], naturally carbonating in the fermenter/Krausening (again with the aid of a Spunding Valve), transferring under pressure, oxygen-free (or near oxygen-free) transfers, re-purposing expelled CO2 and more.

A third application is similar to the second… Use as a UniVessel.  Ferment and serve in the same vessel.  Save time and simplify your process.

Check Prices, Review Continues Below

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Back In Stock: Loose Handle 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs – from… $24.89

Loose handle or base ball lock kegs via AIH.  Pressure tested 5 gallon ball lock corny kegs with loose handles and/or bases.  Comes with a PRV (pressure relief valve) lid.  O-rings and poppets are replaced, as needed, to get these kegs to hold pressure.

  • Availability of these is touch and go.  Check product page to see current price and check to see if this deal is still available.
  • Food Safe Replacement O-Rings: You’ll probably need (or want) to replace the o-rings in these kegs.  I recommend food grade silicone – Food Safe Replacement Keg O-RingsMore Info
  • We watch these closely.  If they’re out of stock again – connect with us and we’ll let you know when they come back.

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