Buddeez Large Storage Container w/Pour Spout [~40 lb capacity grain storage]

Large (Up to 22lb) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container With Flip Lid & Pour Spout For Pet Food, and Bird Seed, BPA Free by Buddeez

Buddeez Large BPA free container with flip lid & pour spout

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Bag-In features allows dispensing of seed or food from the original bag while maintaining nutritional information
  • BPA Free, FDA-approved food contact safe resin.
  • No bugs! No spills! No mess!

Heavy-duty unit for the bigger bags. 8-gallon storage dispenser works with up to 22 lb. bags of dog food, 25 lbs. of cat food or 32 lb. bird seed bags. Convenient handle makes pouring easy from any size bag. Patented “Bag-Gripper Lid” seals contents inside the original bag – yet allows for easy pouring. Dual-Pour Flip Top provides two ways to pour.


My rule of thumb for estimating grain storage capacities for unmilled malt is about 5 lbs per gallon.  That means an 8 gallon container would hold around 40 lbs of grain.  That’s a rough estimate, actual capacity will vary.

What are others saying?  Search this product’s Amazon reviews for “malt” – may include reviews for other sizes or variations

Buddeez Large (Up to 22lb) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container with Flip Lid & Pour Spout for Pet Food, and Bird Seed, BPA Free – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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