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The Brew Stand - Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew Stand

The Brew Stand – Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew Stand via Brewers Hardware

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The Brew Stand – Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew Stand.

“The Brew Stand” is a single tier brew stand designed for most 15-20 gallon kettles 16″ in diameter, including ‘Keggles’. Seven years in the making, our unique design maximizes airflow around the burners while minimizing heat wash up the fronts of the kettles, keeping the front of the system as cool as possible. The back of each burner bay is open to allow the exhaust gases to escape out the back. The burner mount heat shield is flush with the bottom of the deck, but open in the back, directing most of the heat rearward. The burner mount heat shields are the same ones we sell and designed to mount our BURN10 10″ banjo style burner or a Bayou BJ14.

Starting from the top, the deck of the stand is constructed of 2″ square 16 guage 304 stainless. The deck is supported by 2″ diameter .065″ wall round tubing legs to fully support kettles to 20 gallon. All of the lateral structural supports are 1.5″ .065 wall round tubing. The advantage of the round tubing is we can make most of the welds in our rotary welding lathe, providing a single continuous weld with only one start/stop; providing a single consistent and nearly invisible weld at those points. All of the material cuts are made on a high-end Doringer cold saw, allowing for nearly perfect weld-ready cuts free of discoloration and contamination of an abrasive cut-off saw. (Going off on a tangent: cold saws are really cool! If you’ve never seen one, they’re like a wood miter saw but only turn 54 RPM. The material is clamped in a vice while the 14″ fine-toothed blade is flooded with coolant while it cuts, essentially milling through the material without heating it.) After welding, all of the welds are cleaned and repassivated with an electro-chemical weld cleaner.

The Brew Stand includes the stand itself, burner mount/heat shields, 2 pump mounts (very cool, they clamp in place on the 1.5″ tubing, allowing you to adjust their position to align to your kettles.) and Total Locking casters that lock on both roll and rotation.

What you will need:
You will need a gas system and burners if you’re going gas. If you’re using banjo burners, you’ll need 1/2″ longer screws to mount them, there will be a 1/2″ gap between each lug and he burner mount/shied, this is normal. You’ll need 2 pumps since this is a single tier system and of course your kettles and plumbing.

The Brew Stand is 54″ wide X 18″ deep and approximately 27″ tall. The height varies because the caster height varies between shipments we get.


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