Brewer’s Edge 76 Quart Ported, Stainless Steel Brew Kettle… $119.99 + Free Shipping via William’s Brewing Clearance

Brewer's Edge® 76 Quart Brewkettle

Brewer’s Edge® 76 Quart Brewkettle via William’s Brewing

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This Brewer’s Edge pot features organ welded construction, .031” thickness 210 grade welded stainless construction, and a ½” female NPT port for a thermometer that comes plugged with a stainless plug. The handles are welded on.

These are a great value for the money. This pot is too large to use on a home stove, an outdoor burner is recommended. Not recommended for use on an induction stove. 19½” tall, 18″ wide.


76 quarts = 19 gallons.   Includes a ball valve and a plugged 1/2″ NPT port that could be used to easily add a thermometer.

Brewer’s Edge® 76 Quart Brewkettle

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