Brewer’s Best Zymosis 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Conical – $499.99, Save $50

Zymosis - Brewer's Best Conical Fermenter - 10 gal

Brewer’s Best® Zymosis 10 Gallon Conical Fermenter via Label Peelers

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Crafted from premium, virgin 304 stainless steel, featuring all tri-clamp ports, the Brewer’s Best Zymosis is fully customizable to fit any brew day need. Etched volume markers inside the 10 gallon fermentation tank make for easy and accurate volume measurements and 36″ legs help the Zymosis stand above the rest with easier access to the bottom drain port. The Brewer’s Best® Zymosis Conical Fermenter is sure to make any home brewer feel like a pro on brew day and take their craft to the next level.


Etched volume markers gallons and liters
Domed and gasketed lid with spring clamps
Accepts tri-clamp accessories
Thermowell port
Sampling port
Drain port
36″ legs for easy access
304 Stainless steel

Overall height: 46″
Diameter: 17″
Capacity: 10 gallons
*all tri-clamp fittings and accessories are sold separately.


  • As of this posting, Label Peelers has this 10 gallon conical on sale for just $499.99.
  • That’s a savings of $50 from an already great price.  No coupon code is required.

Brewer’s Best® Zymosis 10g

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