Blichmann HopBlocker on Sale via William’s Spring Clearance Sale

Blichmann HopBlocker from William’s Brewing – “This Blichmann Boilermaker accessory fits inside any size Boilermaker (it has a hole in the back to accomodate the 1/2″ Boilermaker dip tube, seen in the above picture in the middle right side of each HopBlocker), and will captures up to 95% of brew kettle particulates. Based on preferential flow, the HopBlocker directs clear wort to the kettle drain valve and keeps particulates on the bottom of the pot where they belong. 5.5″ tall and 3.75″ wide, the HopBlocker is perforated with holes, the finer holes at the bottom, and larger at the top.

A sliding stainless blocking screen (shown in the starting bottom position at left) initially blocks wort from pouring through the finer holes, leaving the fine break material undisturbed at the bottom of the pot, while draining the majority of the wort through the coarse filter first. When the kettle is almost empty, you lift up the sliding screen with the handle (shown at right above) to expose the finer holes to finish the transfer of the wort from the kettle to your fermenter. The HopBlocker can filter up to 1 pound of pellet hops from a boil in larger kettles. The HopBlocker is designed to filter pellet hops only, for whole hops, you will need to have them secured in a straining bag during the boil.”

For a limited time, William’s Brewing has a Spring Clearance Sale going on. The sale features lots of great deals including a discount on the HopBlocker.  It’s marked down to just $48.99. Compare: at MoreBeer.  No coupon or promo code is required. While supplies last. Check the sale page for up to the minute selection, pricing and availability.

This 6 oz Simcoe offering is part of the Spring Clearance Sale.  The sale brings this down to just $4.49.  That figures to about 75 cents per ounce. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

HOPBLOCKER SCREEN FOR BOILERMAKER | Spring Clearance at William’s Brewing!

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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