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Bird Dog Cocktail Keg (New 5 gallon Ball Lock)

Bird Dog Cocktail Keg (New 5 gallon Ball Lock) from Adventures in Homebrewing

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Bird Dog Cocktail Keg (New 5 gallon Ball Lock)

Specially designed with Bird Dog Whiskey, the Bird Dog Cocktail Keg makes serving cocktails simple and easy. These kegs have been assembled with 2 liquid tubes that reach all the way to the bottom of the keg so as you pour your cocktails it releases co2 to the bottom to help keep the cocktail mixed. Check out the options above to add your preferred keg connection to get your cocktail keg pouring right away!

Ball lock, stainless steel, cornelius style tank.
Ball Lock lids with Pressure relief valves.
25″ tall x 8.5″ in Diameter.

Bird Dog Connection Kits:
The Bird Dog Connection Kits makes hooking up and dispensing from your Bird Dog Cocktail Keg quick and easy.

The Bird Dog Draft Adaptor allows you to quickly adapt your current dispensing line with commercial fittings for use with the ball lock Bird Dog Cocktail Keg. Includes 2 Beer Ball Lock Disconnects, 2 MFL-Beer Nut Adaptors, 1 In-Line Check Valve, and 1 Nylon Flare Washer.

The Bird Dog Disconnect Kit has all the connections you need to hook up your Bird Dog Cocktail Keg to a ball lock kegging system outfitted with MFL connections. Includes 2 Beer Ball Lock Disconnects, 1 In-Line Check Valve, and 1 Nylon Flare Washer.


This is a cocktail keg designed in collaboration with Brew Dog Whiskey.  It features a modified gas dip tube that’s designed to inject CO2 at the bottom of the keg to help mix your cocktail.  For the homebrewers in the crowd this keg could also be used for beer by replacing the modified gas dip tube with a standard/short dip tube.

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Bird Dog Cocktail Keg (New 5 gallon Ball Lock)

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