Back In Stock + Replacement Gaskets Available Again… Valuebrew Swing Top Caps and Adapter – Convert Standard Growlers to Swing-Top Growlers

Swing Top Growler Cap & Adapter

Swing Top Growler Cap & Adapter from Valuebrew

These convert standard standard screw top growlers to a swing top closure. They are easy enough to install and uninstall that you can move them from growler to growler

These are an easy upgrade to standard growlers that generally seal better and look better. Very nice for when you’re locked into using a certain growler for a refill or to dress up cheap glass growlers.

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This is really a re-announcement. These were available a few years back under the ToteGlass brand. They were very popular. They typically sold out in short order each time I posted that a batch was available. They became unavailable months ago. According to the product page, Valuebrew has worked with the manufacturer to re-introduce them!

Quantity discounts are available. Valuebrew also offers replacement gaskets.

These were recently running low and some count options had some out. As of this posting, all options are back in stock. Replacement gaskets had been sold out for quite some time, but they’re also back as of this posting.

Swing Top Growler Cap & Adapter from Valuebrew

While you’re at it, you can save on select items with a qualifying order. The swing tops aren’t included, which based on past availability issues makes sense, but you can save on a bunch other items.

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Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. tag:vbswingtop  

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