Announcing: The Anvil Foundry Brewing System! + Hands on Review!

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From Great Fermentations:

Take your All-Grain brew day to the next level, while not breaking the bank, with the ANVIL Foundry™ all-grain brewing system. The most versatile all-in-one brewing system available on the market, it comes in both a 10.5 Gallon size (for 5 Gallon Batches) and a 6.5 Gallon size (for 2.5-3 Gallon Batches). Buy it standalone, or order it with the optional recirculating pump kit to help increase your efficiency and get clearer wort output.

Features include triple element low watt density heaters for blazing fast heating speeds, unique high flow grain basket, double wall insulation, easily switchable between 120v and 240v, and Linear Digital Power Control and Solid-State Switching for Fine Tuning your mash and your boil. Stainless steel immersion chiller ALSO INCLUDED. You won’t find a more powerful feature rich product on the market; we dare you!

Check out the Anvil Foundry Brewing System at Great Fermentations

Hands on Review: Anvil Foundry Brewing System!

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