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If you’re hearing ghostly tales whispered around your local homebrew shop, there’s no need to pile your brew crew into the hippy van—this one is no mystery. Phantasm Powder has been causing quite a stir on the craft beer scene, and the buzz is well deserved. Adding this powder to your wort and fermenting it with a thiolized yeast strain is one of the easiest ways to boost tropical flavor and aroma in your finished beer. Derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Grapes, this powder will add a concentrated dose of thiol precursors. During fermentation, yeast will go to work on these aroma compounds and “free the thiol”, boosting the tropical bouquet of your beer to supernatural levels. We’re stoked to get this cutting-edge ingredient into the hands of homebrewers so we designed a series of Phantasm recipe kits that will set you up to take full advantage of brewing with Phantasm Powder.

Our Phantasm Hazy Pale Ale features a 50/50 split of New Zealand and Pacific Northwest aroma hop additions that lean into a tropical, citrusy character that will pair perfectly with Phantasm Powder. Since this kit series is all about the thiols, we start with whole cone Cascade in the mash to further increase the thiol precursors. Add the Phantasm Powder at flameout along with your whirlpool / hop stand additions. For maximum effect, we highly recommend choosing a thiolized yeast strain for fermentation which are specifically designed to boost thiol biotransformation.

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Phantasm Hazy Pale Ale

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If Pumpkins & Zombie Dust are not your thing, we have another brew for your cauldron this Halloween! Try out this hot new ingredient, Phantasm and SAVE 20% on all three ghoulishly delicious hazy’s!

Do you want to really unlock those tropical aroma compounds!? Then be sure to pair any of these kits with a Thiolized Yeast strain!

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phantasm hazy pale ale

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