Announcing: New Oat Malt from Viking Malts

oat malt

From MoreBeer:

New Viking Oat Malt In Stock!

Have you brewed with the new Viking Oat Malt yet? Several of us here have started using it in place of flaked oats in our NEIPA recipes and love the results. Here is what one of our team members told us after swapping it out for flaked oats in their recent brew.

“Honestly, its hard to tell the difference. Both add the flavor and creamy mouthfeel you expect from oats. But the natural hulls from the oat malt help improve lautering without needing to add rice hulls. I love the stuff!”

Try some out on your next batch and explore the world of Viking Malts!

To learn More! and purchase your Viking Oat Malt, click here!

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