Announcing: Mounting Board for DuoTight Inline Regulators

Gas Board for Duotight In-Line Regulators D1049

Gas Board for Duotight In-Line Regulators via MoreBeer

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Keep your draft system dialed in with this regulator gas board for Duotight In-Line Regulators. The gas board can hold up to six regulators, allowing you to monitor and adjust the pressure going to each keg. In the example photo, the high pressure from the gas cylinder is fed to the regulator on the left, and then stepped down from there with the lowest pressure line in the right-most position. The holes for wall mounting the board and the holes for mounting the regulators are pre-drilled for easy installation. Made from food-grade polypropylene plastic.

Regulators, fittings, labels, and mounting hardware are not included.

For a fully rigged gas board, we recommend the following parts:

6 x Inline Regulators
10 x Rigid 8mm Joiners
5 x Duotight 8mm Tee Pieces
1 x Duotight 8mm Elbow


This allows you to easily mount up to 6 x Duotight In-Line Regulators.  Those regulators allow you to easily (and cheaply) set individual pressures and carbonation levels.

Gas Board for Duotight In-Line Regulators D1049

Duotight In-Line Regulator with Gauge D1047

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