Announcing: Moonraker Brewing Company’s Space Nectar Hazy IPA – THE Recipe, Direct from the Brewer

Moonraker Brewing Companys Space Nectar Hazy IPA

Moonraker Brewing Companys Space Nectar Hazy IPA via MoreBeer

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When galaxies collide, stars and planets alike are ripped apart with all types of matter being flung hither and yon. Luminescent particles are scattered to the ether, condemned to wander the void or bound to coalesce into new celestial bodies. Some believe that amongst the chaos of colliding fragments, a mythical form of cosmic dust condenses into Space Nectar—matter so delicious that our Terra-bound taste buds would surely find it incomprehensible. Physics be damned, Moonraker Brewing Company’s extraordinary Hazy IPA is the best estimation of what it may be like to take in this heavenly ambrosia. Space Nectar overflows with flavors of peach, apricot and orange sherbet. Over half of the hop bill is comprised of Cryo Hops® which lend a clean, pungent aroma to this absolute juice bomb. A healthy helping of pale wheat malt and flaked wheat provide the perfect amount of fuzz to complement the bright notes of stone fruit.

Moonraker’s head brewer, Brad Johnson, recommends cooling the wort to 170°F before adding the whirlpool addition to really make those hops pop. Ferment with Imperial Juice A38 or similar strain to add the ideal finishing touch.

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Note that this is a Brewmaster Series Recipe Kit – The recipe is a direct collaboration with the brewer.

Moonraker Brewing Companys Space Nectar Hazy IPA – All Grain Beer Brewing Kit

Moonraker Brewing Companys Space Nectar Hazy IPA – Extract Beer Brewing Kit

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