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Hot Fill Bags - Pack of 10 BE522

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Brew it, bag it, and ferment it whenever you choose! These hot fill bladders are a great way to cut time out of your brew day using the “no chill” method. When the boil phase is over, simply fill them up and wait for the wort to chill overnight or throw it in the fridge. Hot fillable means they can be filled with any liquid up to 212°F. They’re also reusable if you don’t wish to throw it out after one use. Just boil them to sterilize the bag after you empty it.

The triple layer construction makes these bags puncture resistant, chemical resistant, and gives the bag superior oxygen barrier properties. Your wort will stay fresh in the bag for well over a year, if you can wait that long to ferment it. The first layer is 50-micron polyethylene, the second is 45-micron polyethylene, and the third is 15-micron nylon.

5.2 gal / 20L capacity.

KegLand Part Number: KL18463


  • This 10 pack is selling for $15.99.
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Hot Fill Bags – Pack of 10 BE522

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