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K-POP Kettle Sour

K-POP Kettle Sour via MoreBeer

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Thick fog rolls over a dimly lit stage as the volume from an array of loudspeakers steadily rises. You feel the sonic waves emanating from the sound system pass through you, standing up the hair on the back of your neck. Just as the anticipation becomes too much to bear, the darkness is pierced by a spectrum of beam lights and the bass drops. Your eyes squeeze shut and you cover your ears in a trifling attempt to block out the deafening shrieks of 50,000 rabid fans. But it’s no use. Finally, you unclench your eyes and realize that you’re not standing in a sea of concert-goers. And it’s you that’s cheering at the top of your lungs after taking your first sip of K-POP Kettle Sour.

If you’ve never brewed a kettle sour before, this is the perfect introductory kit. The process requires some extra equipment and steps compared to a normal brew day, but it’s worth it! The end result will be a refreshingly light and easy-drinking beer with a delightful tartness that finishes clean. Check out the recipe sheet below and review the instructions before purchasing, and make sure to add both a yeast pitch and a lactobacillus pitch to your order.

This recipe makes a delicious golden sour that is enjoyable without further alteration, but we highly recommend adding dry hops or fruit to make it your own. You can purchase puree from the add-on options above or you can use your own fresh or frozen fruit. We recommend 1 lb of whole fruit per gallon or two 49 oz cans of puree for a 5-gallon batch. Add your chosen fruit when fermentation is complete and allow 5 to 7 days of contact time before packaging.

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K-POP Kettle Sour Kits at MoreBeer

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