Announcing: Brewers Hardware Color Coded EPDM Tri-Clamp Gaskets!

color coded tri clamp gaskets

Need a way to distinguish between your hot and cold side gaskets? Sour and funky beers? Now offering red, green, blue, and white color coded gaskets for your brewery! Gaskets are one of the highest potential sources for contamination and proper use and replacement is essential. Color-coded gaskets can help distinguish between high and low risk areas.

EPDM brewery gaskets have a narrower temperature range than silicone (-30ºF to 300ºF) but stand up to stronger acids and caustics than silicone making them more desirable in commercial applications and excellent for home brewery applications. EPDM brewery gaskets are relatively soft, easy to seal and probably the best all around choice for any application that doesn’t need to live close to a flame source.

Tri Clover Compatible Color-Coded EPDM Gaskets

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Also… Color Coded Post O-Rings for Easy Identification:

Valuebrew carries two color schemes to color keg posts. Doing this allows you to quickly identify keg posts. Gray and Black match standard keg QD colors. Blue and Green are meant to be remembered by “Blue for Beer” and “Green for Gas”. All options are made from FDA rated silicone. Since they work equally well on gas and liquid posts you can also mix and match to come up with your own color coding standard.

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