AHS Step Two Pilsner Kits… from $18.41 w/Stacking Deals

Whether you’re camping behind a police station, floating down a river in a homemade raft, camping in -40C/F at a campsite, or alone with a Crazy Neighbour on a mountain top surrounded by a bear fence…always, always bring a step 2! And why not brew your own AHS Step Two Canadian Pilsner and take it with you? Homebrewing is an excellent way to calm the nerves before a daring stealther behind a cemetery or in a cargo van at the airport.

This pilsner is a luscious straw color with lots of lace, malt flavor, a good head and a nice spicey bite in the finish. Not too hoppy or bitter, and nice and lite for you campers always on the go. Brew yours today

  • AHS Step Two is available in all grain, mini-mash and extract versions
  • All versions are on sale, prices start at $21.66
  • Save another 15%. AHS is discounting most orders of $55 or more by an additional 15% when you use coupon code meltybunny. Applies to most item, with some exclusions.
  • Need a Filler to get to $55?  Sale Items – sorted high to low AND sorted most popular first, Yeast and Cleaning/Sanitizing Supplies
  • Shipping is also free to addresses in the contiguous US with a $55 order

AHS Step Two PIlsner Kits – prices start at just $18.41 with promo code meltybunny as part of a $55 order

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. tag:ahsperoff

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