Adventures in Homebrewing… Hop Slam Clone Kits!

hopslam clone

If you haven’t had Hop Slam… It’s a delicious beer.  Adventures in Homebrewing has released a clone recipe kit aptly named.. Hopslam Clone.  It’s available in extract and all grain.  Both versions get great reviews and are on sale.

About the recipe: “Huge late additions of Northwest Hops, bring the citrus and floral characters to the forefront. Balanced by a hefty malt bill, and a nice dose of honey, this is a highly drinkable IIPA. Careful, at 9.9%, this will sneak up on you.”

Hopslam Clone Recipe Kit$59.99 $53.99

Hopslam Clone All Grain Recipe$47.49 $42.74

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One thought on “Adventures in Homebrewing… Hop Slam Clone Kits!

  1. Dan

    This looks like a pretty good kit, but I wouldn’t call it a clone. It doesn’t contain any of the noble hops or noble-derived hops that the original has. It also includes chinook, which is definitely not in the real deal. The grain bill is too dark with C60 in it as well. No Victory in the original either. IIRC the original is 2row, C40, and C10-15 for about 6.5 SRM. The hops are primarily Simcoe and Amarillo (this recipe doesn’t include Amarillo) with exclusively simcoe in the dry hop. The recipe does have the dry hop right. But there is also Hallertau, Crystal, and Glacier in the boil, as well as Centennial. If you hunt around online you can find some good recipes with these parameters.


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