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Sourvisiae® Ale Yeast

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The selection includes Mascoma Sourvisiae

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Are you interested in making sour beers but think they are too complex? Sourvisiae® is a bioengineered ale yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) capable of producing lactic acid during fermentation, eliminating the need to add souring cultures later on in the ferment.

Sourvisiae® contains a single genetic modification, a lactate dehydrogenase gene from a food microorganism, which enables the yeast to produce high levels of lactic acid, the main compound that gives sour beers their flavor.This allows the brewer to ferment and sour the beer in one simple step, instead of using yeast and then adding souring cultures later on in the ferment.

The brewing process is conducted without any modifications; Sourvisiae® is pitched just like conventional yeast and ferments in a normal fermentation time. Sourvisiae® does not produce other flavor compounds associated with Brettanomyces, Lachancea, or Lactic Acid Bacteria, providing a cleaner and reproducible souring process, with shorter fermentation times. Make sour beers with one simple yeast addition.

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