5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs – Back in Stock + 15% Off AND 15% Back

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg, Ball Lock (Used)

5 Gallon Cornelius Style Ball Lock Kegs via Austin Homebrew Supply

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This is a used 5 gallon ball lock kegs. All kegs are pressure tested. Used kegs may have minor dings and scratches along with stickers from previous companies. Kegs will include the o-rings and poppets that were installed when received by AHS. We often change an o-ring or poppet to get the tank to hold pressure

The keg requires ball lock attachments for both gas and beer sides. It is a good idea to have a spare set of replacement o-rings always on hand, with some keg o-ring lubricant. Lubricating the o-rings will help to make them last longer, but eventually they will become brittle and have to be replaced.

Dimensions: 25″ tall x 8.5″ diameter (63.2 cm x 21.6 cm).

Good Keg Maintenance
Between each use, kegs need to cleaned and sanitized. Taking off the posts and cleaning them can help ensure great tasting beer.

Please remember these kegs are not being used in the soda industry any longer. Chances are, they are up to 30 years old. They have been used for Soda and might even come from a small brewery that purchased them from a soda company. They will have soda or beer residue inside which will require cleaning. The post may be sticky and difficult to get off as they have years of soda/beer build up in/on them. Please be prepared for a used product as we do not want to sugar coat this in any way. We are not stating that our used kegs are junk, we are simply stating, “These are used kegs”.


  • According to my notes, these went out of stock in August of 2023. To the point that the product page was completely removed.
  • As of this update… their back!

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

15% Off AND 15% Back!

Austin Homebrew’s Rewards program typically offers about 5% back. Each qualifying item earns 1 point per dollar. 200 points gets you a $10 discount code.

Today 3/4/24 only Austin is offering triple points. This equates to about 15% back in value toward a future purchase. Note that many, but not all, products qualify for rewards points.

My contact at Austin says that everything qualifies for rewards points with the exception of gift cards. This means that lines that typically aren’t discounted like Anvil, Blichmann are included in the mix.

They are also offering 15% off select items.

Also available in a four pack…  Set of Four 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (USED)

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