5 Gallon Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs – $46.74 + Free Ship Eligible, Hands on Review & Rebuild How-To

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Used five gallon ball lock Cornelius keg from MoreBeer

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A great price on an non-rebuilt Cornelius keg. You can purchase the rebuild kit and replace the gaskets yourself (very easy job) to save some money. These Cornelius kegs could have residual soda syrup inside and will need to be cleaned. To totally rebuild the keg you should also consider a new relief valve and poppets (part number listed below). PBW works as a great cleaner for eating away sticky residual soda residue. Kegs are sold “as is”.

The body connnects on a keg are the metal posts where the quick disconnects attach too. They should be removed for cleaning and sanitizing before each use. Kegs can come with either 11/16″ body connects or 7/8″ body connects. We sell deep sockets for the removal of either one. So if you do not have these sockets at home and want to make sure you can disassemble these Cornelius kegs you may want to purchase both sockets below. Then you will always be covered as your keg collection grows.

If you want a great deal on a 4 pack of kegs, check out our KEG430A.


Check out my Hands on Review of this keg offering AND see my step by step process for rebuilding kegs that features this offering

Used Corny Keg – Ball Lock 5 gal. KEG430

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