(4) 5 Gallon Low Profile Ball Lock Kegs…. $149.99… $37.50 Each!


Set of (4) 5 gallon, low profile ball lock kegs.  Stainless steel construction, pressure tested (and guaranteed to hold pressure).  Each keg also comes with a brand new set of orings.

Adventures in Homebrewing has marked down this set of 4 kegs to just $149.99.  That figures to $37.50 each.

Set of Four, 5 Gallon Low-Profile Ball Lock Kegs$199.99 $149.99

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3 thoughts on “(4) 5 Gallon Low Profile Ball Lock Kegs…. $149.99… $37.50 Each!

  1. Muchtall

    “Low profile ball lock keg” is a misnomer to me. A more apt description would be “Ball Lock converted pin lock keg”. The squattier pin lock kegs are less space efficient than ball lock kegs for most kegerator applications. There’s a reason these go for much cheaper than standard ball lock, and I think that reason is the width of them.


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